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Unique Teas

At Steep.ly, we pride ourselves on finding high quality, flavourful tea. We sample a wide variety of tea and select only the best to send to you. It is our hope that you'll love your tea as much as we do!

For $20 a month, you'll receive four 25g packets of the most wonderful loose leaf tea, which will be enough for approximately 35 cups.

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Quality Ingredients

Our teas only include the best ingredients. Bagged teas that you'll find at your local grocery store usually consist of smaller pieces of tea leaves or tea fannings. These will often steep too quickly, leaving a bitter taste.

Sourced Globally

Our teas come from around the globe. Each region produces a different flavour and we want you to experience it all. By sourcing globally we can also make sure that you receive a quality product regardless of any problems going on with a specific part of the world.

Delivered Monthly

Our teas are shipped out on the second monday of the month. This means that you'll always have a constant supply, ready to brew.

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